5 Reasons You Need a Web Designer for Your Small Business Website



When you start your small business, cash can be in short supply. You don’t think you can afford a website but you know you need one.


Let’s take a look at 5 cheap website options that can damage your business

Option #1: Use a do it yourself style website maker (e.g. Wix, Shopify, Weebly)

  • Many of these sites offer very basic options for free. Once you add a few basic extras – it’s more expensive than employing a designer.
  • A free domain name is often provided for you (e.g.www.theircompany.yourcompany.com). They are advertising their business name followed by your business name. But didn’t you want a website to promote your business?
  • Beware of the old Flash technology many of their templates still use. Google will punish you in rankings for old technology and recommend against using Flash.

Not sounding so good is it?


Option #2: Employ a student

You are their guinea pig. They will often be learning at your expense.

  • Do they understand website security? 30,000 plus websites per day are hacked.
  • Will they update your site for you as your business grows?
  • Do they understand SEO and how to increase your visitors to your website?
  • Do they know how to generate sales for your business by attracting the right visitors?
  • Do they know what to do with the right visitors once they land on your website?

Probably not.

Is it worth risking your reputation and money in this way?


Option #3: Use a competition site

These sites can deliver you a cheap website but you are judging the winner on how it looks. Looks aren’t everything.

Before choosing a designer for your website you need to investigate whether they are the right match for you. Look at their website, send them an email or call them. None of these options are available in a competition.


Option #4: Use a cheap web designer

Cheap equals cutting corners.

Your website represents you and your business. You need to offer everything that your potential customer needs. If your website is poorly designed or lacks features, visitors will leave and find another website that offers what they need. They won’t trust you.


Option #5. Learn how to build a website yourself

Are you happy to spend months (and often years) learning graphic design, web design, web development, marketing and copyrighting? You won’t have much time to run our business but you will be saving lots of money.

Not really an option is it?


First Impressions Count


This applies more to a website than a physical store. You have less than 10 seconds to impress a visitor on your homepage.

On average 40%-60% will leave anyway. Keeping the remaining visitors on your website is the hard work. This is why a good website costs money.

What does it say about you if you are not willing to spend money to create a good first impression?  Your small business website represents you and your business 24/7 around the globe. You need to build trust. Would you attend a client meeting in old clothes with scruffy hair and no shoes?


Not having a website results in missed opportunities for your business but having a bad or cheap website is worse.


You Get What You Pay For

Your website needs to bring new customers to your business so you can increase your turnover and grow your business. An experienced web designer will use professional design, development and marketing skills to attract the right visitors and keep them on your site.


Invest in a good web designer from the beginning and you will reap the rewards.


Want some good news? A good website will pay for itself in time.

A cheap website however will always be a waste of money – it will cost you more in the long run.



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