5 Reasons to Choose WordPress for your Website


Once you have made the decision that you need a website, one of the next decisions to make is what type of website would best suit you.


Should you pay a company like Wix or SquareSpace a monthly fee and choose one of their stylish templates? Should you pay a website developer to build you a website from scratch? What about a WordPress website?


My advice is to choose a WordPress website over all other options. Why? Here are a few reasons below and I am happy to give you many more if you want to call me on 0490 140 079 to discuss the benefits of a WordPress website over all other choices.


#1. Designers and developers around the world can create a WordPress website for you.


I have worked for many companies where the website was built from scratch by a developer or team of developers with custom code. I have also seen what happens when the developer moves on to another job, the development team cannot agree on how to code the website or a serious disagreement occurs that ends the business relationship between developer/s and client. The end result is the same – chaos occurs as many developers design their (website) code in different ways. In most cases, the website was rebuilt from scratch by a new developer or the client had to switch to something like WordPress anyway.


The point here is that WordPress is a CMS (content management system) that is Open Source and used by millions of designers, developers, individuals and business owners across the globe. If you want to change designers or developers, decide that building the site yourself is too consuming … no problem. Just pay a new designer or developer to pick up where the last person left off. Of course you can also have the new person start again if you want them to.


#2.  It is the number one CMS in the world


WordPress is used by more than one quarter of all websites on the internet. It has around 60% of the market share for all CMS options. Joomla is next at 6%. Wix is not a CMS though as a comparison, it has a market share of around 0.8% of all websites.


WordPress is Open Source (developed in a collaborative public manner) and has millions of users and supporters worldwide that contribute to the growth, bug fixes, future direction and functionality of WordPress. Millions of forums and groups exist to discuss and work on WordPress. No other CMS or website builder has anything like this.


#3. It is user friendly – can be used by professionals & individuals.

WordPress can be as easy or complex as you need it to be. First time users, can install a basic theme, watch some you tube videos and build their own basic website.


Professional designers and developers can work from a theme and make simple or complex customisations. WordPress also allows a website to be built from scratch within WordPress. Many aspects of the website structure and dashboard are controlled by the WordPress core which helps if another person needs to take over the website.



#4. WordPress has more themes to choose from and far greater functionality than any competitor.


WordPress themes total more than 10,000. In fact, the figure is probably far greater thought it is hard to add up all options due to the ever increasing sources for purchasing themes.


One of my favourite themes for clients is Bridge theme (from Themeforest). It has over 210 plus demos to show clients. This theme alone can offer a solution to almost every client.


Compare this to the smaller number of themes available for Square Space and Wix.


Added to this, many new clients come to me as Square Space, Wix, Weebly and similar website options have very limited functionality. At first, these options seem like a good idea as a user can get up and running quickly and many of the templates have clean and modern designs. After a short time though, many users realise that some of these templates are not responsive and often cannot adjust to the changing needs of the business owner.


WordPress on the other hand is not only leading the industry, but is constantly improving and evolving. User requests often help template developers to design improvements in themes and build new features into existing themes.



#5. Google friendly


WordPress has two highly rated plugins that are great for SEO and help your website to rank well. You can rank on page number one in many cases if you take the right steps. Read my blog Why You Need SEO for Your Website for more information.


I have worked on Magento, Square Space, Wix and Weebly sites (amongst other options) and always find WordPress to be more advanced in the way that you can achieve the results that Google is looking for.


Here are a few companies and websites that use WordPress

  • The Walt Disney Company
  • Sony Music
  • MTV
  • Microsoft (News)
  • News Corp Australia
  • CSIRO blog
  • lucy & monty design
  • your new website!


Do you need help with your website? I am happy to answer any questions that you have. Call me on 0490 140 079 or email info@lucyandmontydesign.com.au

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