Why Your Logo Design Must Reflect Your Business

Are you familiar with the logo above? Most people would know that this is Apple’s logo. Wouldn’t it be great if your logo was as well known?

A logo can make or break your business

The most successful logos are those that are recognised very quickly. Some examples are McDonald’s, Apple, Google, NIKE, KFC, Coca Cola, Shell and QANTAS. 

The best logos are simple in design yet effective 

That sounds easy but don’t be fooled. A simple and effective logo can be very hard to design. Your logo needs to reflect your business, speak to your audience and just work.


What do I mean by just work? Just think of the Coca Cola logo again … Coke use red, white, black and green for their standard logos and/or backgrounds. The Coca Cola logo can be seen everywhere – cans, bottles, signs, cars, magazines, TV, websites, stickers and merchandise. Regardless of size or colour, it is always recognisable as the Coca Cola logo. Coke is one of the biggest brands in the world and the logos play a major part in this. Their image is carefully controlled and regardless of what you may think of the product, the logo achieves everything a great logo should.


So where does that leave you and your logo?


Talk to your designer about your business and where you are headed


  • What is the background to starting your business?
  • What do you love about your business?
  • What is your business?
  • What is your industry?
  • Do you aim to grow from a small business to a larger one?
  • Do you plan on changing your products/services?
  • Where are you based?
  • Where do you need to use your logo?


Your target market is another major factor to consider when planning a logo


  • Who are you currently selling to/serving?
  • Who do you aim to sell to/service?
  • Define the typical client – age, sex, occupation etc
  • Their spend?


Once your designer has an understanding of your business and your audience the process can begin. Your logo can be fun, edgy, abstract, conservative, wild, colourful, have a single colour, have text only, have images and text, have images only or any combination of these things. Most of all, it must be professional and clear so that it speaks to the right people



Do you need a logo design that reflects your business? Yes! I can help.

All logos should be effective today but sadly many are not. The ones that are not might be losing you business on a daily basis.

I can help you by designing a logo that reflects your business and speaks to your audience.

Call Simone today on 0490 140 079 or contact me via this link to chat about your new or existing logo.

I’d love to help you succeed in your business!

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