Why you need a responsive small business website design



A business website is an essential tool today for small business. In fact, some small business owners run their business entirely online. In doing so, technology becomes a major part of the business.


The way we browse online has changed


Whether your website is a small business website or not though all websites have one thing in common – an increasing number of people are using their mobile phones and tablets to browse and purchase online.


A few relevant tech facts …


  • 89% of Australians own a smartphone
  • 60% of Australians own a tablet

60% use their smartphone to browse or search the internet at least once per day


That’s great news for your small business website isn’t it? Definitely!


More people can find your website as they are spending more time online thanks to smartphones and tablets. Some of this extra time includes;


  • On public transport on the way to and from work
  • At various times during the day e.g. coffee breaks, waiting for an appointment
  • During meetings (ok, so this one is good for you but not for employers)
  • At home relaxing
  • In bed
  • Internet usage often increases at night time and on weekends
  • Holiday time


Many people and companies are making a HUGE mistake with their website design though. Not sure what it is?


Here’s a clue … you visit a website on your phone and it looks exactly like the version on your computer. You have to zoom in and then out to use the website and it’s a huge pain. You probably will try another website after a few seconds.


Websites that are designed for phones and tablets are called responsive websites. They are designed for each device that you are using to view them. Whether you are using a laptop, desktop computer, tablet or mobile phone, responsive websites are designed to be viewed on all of these devices. Each will look a little different but will give the best appearance for the screen size being used. This means that new phones, tablets and computers will still show your website in a viewer friendly manner.




Should you have a responsive website design? Yes!


All websites should be responsive today but sadly many are not. The ones that are not are losing business on a daily basis.


It’s the only way that people can read your content and view your images in a well designed way on their device of choice at anytime of the day.


Google has stated that they will rank responsive websites higher in search results than those that are not responsive. That can only help your business to have a responsive website design.


Here at lucy & monty design, all websites that I design and build are responsive. This is one of the many tools that I use to ensure that your website is taking advantage of technology and competing in the online marketplace.


Not sure if your website is responsive? I can help.

Call Simone today on 0490 140 079 or contact me via this link to chat about your new or existing website.

I’d love to help you succeed in your business!

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