How to Attract the Right Customers to Your Website



Many business owners think that the look of their website is the most important factor in attracting the right type of customer. Not so. Research shows that more than three quarters of web users rate relevant content and usability as the most important factor. Nine out of ten users say the look of the site is not important. *


What does this really mean? It means that the biggest lesson you need to learn about your website is this:


Business websites are not built for clients, they are built for users.



As a website designer and developer the hardest part of my job is often convincing a client that their potential customers do not care about them. Not in the way that they think they do.


One of the fastest ways to lose website viewers and potential sales is to have the wrong website focus. Make your site about you and you have wasted your time and money. Why?


Someone visits a website because they are looking for a solution to their problem.


For example, they might be looking for information on weekend entertainment in Sydney, wanting groceries home delivered or looking to buy the latest Nike trainers.


So if a potential customer is looking for a product or service, do you think they care about your life story and hobbies on your About Us page? No they don’t.


Research shows that you have a few seconds to show what you offer on your website before a visitor leaves.


Don’t waste those few seconds – give the customer what they are looking for. Offer solutions and speak in the language of your target market.


Some of the key ways to show that you offer the right solution to your potential customer include:


  1. Use relevant keywords on your website so you can be found in the right Google search
  2. Use clear headings that offer relevant solutions to your visitors
  3. Use clear and relevant images that relate to content (people like to see what they are buying)
  4. Speak the language of your target market – get this wrong and sales will suffer
  5. Make sure your website is responsive – reads well and functions on all devices
  6. Always includes your photo on your About Us page, it helps to build trust
  7. Testimonials from other customers that highlight the benefit of using your company
  8. Clear calls to action on your website. You must ask the user to act e.g. call now, add to cart.


So how do you make sure you have all of the important points covered to attract the right type of customer?

The job of a good web designer is to make your customer the focus of your website.


A rookie mistake in this area, and one that I hear from clients all the time is that they want their website to appeal to everyone. Name me one product or service that appeals to every visitor to your website. You can’t because there is no such thing.


Don’t try to please everyone otherwise your focus will be too broad. You may end up pleasing no one. Focus on your target market.

What is your core business product or service? Who is likely to be your best customer for this? What market will generate the most sales? Do you want a customer that makes a one off sale or do you want long term customers?


A good web designer works with you to identify exactly who your target market is. Some of the key questions to help understand your target market include their location, age, gender, needs, problems and occupation.


Once your target market is identified, your website needs to focus on solutions for your customer.


A user friendly website with good quality content will engage a user and they will stay longer.


Offer what they are looking for and you are far more likely to convert the visit into a sale.


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* 2011 Hubspot survey (


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